Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Tweed Ride Studio Portraits!

Attention, Attention!!

We have 85 wonderful portraits posted on-line. If you had a studio portrait taken before your ride, visit the set posted on flickr and search for the image that captures your splendor! If you didn't have a studio portrait taken before the ride, see why you should have one taken before the next ride!

To order prints of these images, visit our on-line portrait request form so we can reach you and work to make the necessary prints available. For those wishing to get prints before the holidays, be sure to us indicate that through the form and we will be sure to print copies for distribution Sunday evening at Marvin. The only way to obtain your portrait before the holidays is to visit us in person on Sunday. The remaining requested portraits will be shipped in the first weeks of the new year.

The cost per print is $20.00. You can make your purchase between 4 and 7pm at Marvin with cash, check or credit. All proceeds minus printing costs are being donated to AFTA. We sincerely appreciate your interest in these prints and your contribution to AFTA's cause!

Below are but a few samples presented for your viewing pleasure!

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