Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks everyone for attending the Seersucker Social!

On behalf of our event’s organizing entities, I want to thank everyone who participated for rising to the occasion by battling the heat, ignoring threatening rain clouds and most of all by looking so incredibly dapper at the Seersucker Social! It was an honor for Dandies and Quaintrelles along with Holly Bass Performance Projects and Hillwood Estates, Museum and Gardens to host the event! A turnout of over 300 cyclists and 450-plus attendees helped to create an experience none of us will soon forget. A sincere congratulations to you all!

The event showcased an impressive display of local style, class, social grace and fine spirit! We also had some participants travel down from areas as far away as New York and Richmond just to join us for the day. Be sure to check out the amazing HD video of the event produced by ReadySet DC and pat yourselves on the back for helping to create the experience. Dandies & Quaintrelles and partners look forward to another grand time with you local folks and out-of-towners. We will continue to develop unique and imaginative ways to promote the bicycle as a classy means of transportation, taking inspiration from stylish eras of the past.

Know that as we host events, we intend to continuing to raise money and awareness for noble causes. The beneficiary of proceeds for the Seersucker Social was The Urban Philharmonic Society. Be sure to visit their website and get an understanding of the good work they do. Also know that the organization's director, Darrold Hunt, is on the lookout for creative and passionate people who can help move forward the mission of The Urban Philiharmonic Society! If you are able to volunteer your time with web development, arts administration and general support, please don't hesitate to contact him! The amount raised for this non-profit will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, visit Hugh & Crye to see if you've won the raffle by riding your bike to Hillwood and check your e-mail frequently for other prizes from Revolution Cycles to be determined by random e-mail address selection!

I'd like to thank our volunteers, sponsors Mie N Yu, Hendricks Gin, Hugh & Crye, Vita Coco, St. Germain liqueur, Revolution Cycles, Restaurant Associates and media partner ReadySetDC
For those who might be wondering what's next, don't stray too far from your local vintage shops! Dandies & Quaintrelles and partners are already discussing what's next.

If ever you find yourself world-weary from the heat and social scene, be sure to head over to Hillwood for some rest and relaxation. We encourage you to avail yourself of their fabulous array of programming, including the summer film series, Divas Outdoors. As a thank you to the tremendously accommodating staff there, Dandies and Quaintrelles will provide them with the ability to send you their personal appreciation as well as information about Hillwood. We appreciate your understanding and acknowledgment of their fine hospitality!Sincerely,Eric Channing Brewer
Dandies & Quaintrelles

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  1. This is just...fantastic! I can hardly believe what I just viewed! It's as if someone scanned my brain for my images of a perfect party and stuck it into a digital video.

    How many riders did you have? How many stops? I am still grinning.