Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wheelmen and Wheelwomen,

On behalf of Dandies and Qauintrelles and all of our faithful volunteers, I would like to thank you for your interest and commitment to participate in D.C.'s first Tweed Ride. We have over 200 folks registered for tomorrow's event! I'm overjoyed with the response to the announcement of this tweed ride! I look forward to seeing everyone in their finest Sunday leisure attire and alongside their prized bicycles! We have a great team of volunteers ready to help with those who have registered and those who will be registering tomorrow morning! Everyone will need to report to the registration table to sign a release form and to provide important information regarding emergency contacts. Expert photographer, Steven Cummings, has his studio prepared for a portrait of each and every rider! We want to encourage everyone to have their photo taken before the ride. We're set up to make this happen as smoothly as possible! Portraits will be made available for purchase to everyone. All proceeds will go to Arts for the Aging!

Please note that we will not send all riders out at one time! Riders will be sent along their way in groups to number no more than 25 to prevent blockage to others sharing the streets with us. I'm sure the excitement amongst cyclists before the ride could cause some to be confused and anxious but do not worry about missing a specific start time. This ride is about the beautiful simplicity and enjoyment of cycling from one place to another in style and grace. This day is about the beauty of pleasure, good taste and interest in noble causes! Our hope is that everyone arrives at the designated destination in great health and good fashion.

Most graciously yours,

Sir E. Channing


  1. Sir Eric,
    This was an awesome event. I was blown away by the turn out and am completely looking forward to the next Tweed Ride! Thanks for putting this together!

    ~Ellen Wilson

  2. brilliant idea! only wish i could have taken part, sadly i'm a resident of Canada, next time!

  3. Fantastic job Eric!

    Pictures of the DC Tweed Ride at

  4. I had such a great time! Thank you so much for organizing this event! It was a day when you could see the potential of what this city can be. By the way, I was the guy in the black Brompton folder, and my girlfriend Katie was in the green Pashley (and small feathered hat). If anyone happens to have caught pictures of us, please do share!


  5. Thanks for a terrific event! I hope you will have the energy to consider repeating the event almost immediately with a Velvet and Tweed Christmas Ride. The 25-rider staggered-release system was a little disappointing in terms of conviviality with more participants, and opportunities to admire more eye-candy, but I appreciate your reasoning. The only alternative I can think of would be a parade permit, but I imagine that's onerous.

  6. I am extremely upset that I have never heard about this!!!! Please have another one soon!

  7. What fun! DC seemed all the more brighter for a day. Thanks to everyone that made this possible and for the citizens of DC for both participating and cheering the event on.

    Can't wait to see Steven's photos!


  8. Well played indeed, a daisy of a ride if I do say so...

    Here's my ride report:

  9. Thank you Thank you and Thank You, Sirs and Madams, for a most excellent Autumn constitutional.

    I look forward with great anticipation for the next planned outing!

  10. Thanks so much! It was wonderful and fun and just great. What's this I read about the First Lady coming out to say hi? Must have been a group in front of me, but how cool! I'd love to hear more about it!